Vision & Mission


“To enrich the society through education by generating globally competent man power that can an honest living in the country or outside and capable of contributing to the socioeconomics development and welfare of the society. To inculcate in the students and general public, social skill respect for ethics and law, tolerance and multi ethics society consisting of the very rich and very poor people”.


  • Imparting higher education to the economically weaker socially discriminated and less privileged section of the society.
  • To make every students employable through education and developed soft skills.
  • Educational empowerment of a predominantly rural population.
  • To provide comprehensive and balance quality education.
  • To ensure overall personality development of students.
  • To orient the student for development of practical skills.
  • To inculcate competitive and humanitarian values among the students.
  • The strive for dissemination of existing knowledge.
  • To nurture the culture of research and analytical capabilities.
  • To impart scientific and moral education to achieve academic excellence.
  • To pursue excellence in serving society by the students.
  • Top propagate the necessity of woman, moral and ethical values and ideal in life.
  • To orient the students for self employment.
  • To introduce with latest technology and to provide the same to them.
  • To transform rural girl into young dashing and dynamic woman, who along with being job-skilled, or proficient to address the larger issues of life and become effective in building a strong a modern India.